FBLA Free Enterprise Day
FBLA Free Enterprise Day
Karen Hynek
Thursday, November 15, 2018
FBLA started a new tradition today to kick off our American Enterprise Day celebration! Don Landoll presented to our large group the history of Landoll Corporation; the global reach of their many, many products; and the strong entrepreneurial strategies used through the years that have helped the corporation grow and thrive. He shared with the students that life has ups and downs, and it is important to work hard and persevere. Don also used multimedia presentations to highlight a few of the numerous career opportunities available right here in our hometown. Thank you Don for taking time out of your busy day for FBLA!
The FBLA members are excited to celebrate American Enterprise Day tomorrow with our local businesses! They were busy tonight baking 40+ dozen cookies to deliver as a token of our appreciation for all that our businesses do for our community!