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January 22- KSU Speech Contest at Manhattan

February 4- Meats Judging Contest at Easton

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2010 Northeast District Speech Contest Results

On December 14, 2010 Marysville hosted the Northeast District FFA Public Speaking CDE. There were 180 total participants. The team was 1st place.

Extra Freshmen- room 1
1st- Triston Schmitz- Marysville
3rd- Ben Koch- Marysville
4th- Coleman Forst- Marysville
5th- Tony Hooyer- Marysville
8th Shane Widmer- Marysville

Extra Freshmen- room 2
1st- Garrett Kort- Marysville
2nd- Triston Hormann- Marysville
4th- Logan Layman- Marysville
5th Kassie Breshears- Marysville
11th- Kaleb Koerperich

1st- Chris Bargmann- Marysville
3rd- Caleb Obermeyer- Marysville
8th- David Luebecke- Marysville

6th- Martin Howard- Marysville
7th- Anthony Bruna- Marysville

3rd- Shelby Bargmann- Marysville

11th- Jessica Roady- Marysville

Extra Upperclassmen
1st- Jacob Freiderichs- Marysville
4th- Logan Nickelson- Marysville
7th- Mitchell Drey- Marysville
8th- Kate Taylor- Marysville

4th- Taylor Schotte- Marysville

1st- Marysville- 25
2nd- Holton- 26
3rd- Silver Lake- 32
4th- Valley Heights- 38
5th- Rock Creek- 41

2010 Poultry CDE

2nd Place Team- B Team

9th- Dyllon Holle

2010 Ag. Mechanics CDE

8th Place Team- A Team

10th- D.J. Mangnall


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