USD 364 Education Foundation Fast Facts

Established September 1995

501c3 Non-profit corporation

Approximately 16 scholarship funds in endowments

Total Assets of approximately $280,000

Board of Directors

3 members from each of the 3 voting districts aligned with USD 364 BOE

2 USD 364 Board Members

Superintendent of Schools

According to bylaws the purposes for the Foundation include –

To provide an organization which will operate in connection with the public school system by providing financial support, leadership ability, professional expertise or otherwise

To establish a monetary fund to be used for educational projects or grants throughout USD 364 and to benefit individual students worthy of scholarship assistance

To provide financial support as a supplement to the teaching resources available to individual instructors employed by the district and to provide financial support to USD 364 for the purpose of preserving, maintaining, and improving public school education

To solicit, accept and receive contributions designated for a specific purpose … to be invested and reinvested by the foundation and used by the foundation in the furtherance of its purposes

Since 2011, the Board of Directors has been talking about getting the word out about the Education Foundation and moving away from scholarships only toward more support for projects, teachers, and students while they are still in Marysville.

In August 2016 the Drive for Success Fund was opened to support teachers, students, and student activities.

For more information contact -

Bill Mullins – Superintendent of Schools



Current Board of Directors

Curtis Holle - President

Lynn Mayer – Treasurer

Gary Holle

Gary Phillips

Bill Oborney

Carol Wright

Jo Ann Shum

Ashley Kracht

Julie Haggard

Lanny Carpenter

Sonya Stohs