Marysville Elementary School

Schools full of Teaching, Learning, and Caring (TLC)

Marysville Elementary School
1010 Carolina Street
Marysville, KS 66508
(785) 562-3641

(785) 562-3411 fax

Elementary Mission Statement

The mission of Marysville Elementary School, District #364, is to provide a foundation of skills necessary to become productive members of society.

Our Theme

"Bulldogs Don't Quit"

Our Motto

You have only failed if you have given up...until then...it's learning.

Our Beliefs

All students can learn.
All students deserve opportunities to develop their potential.
All students have dignity and worth.
All students deserve a safe environment that promotes learning.
Self-discipline is a learned skill necessary for success in life.
Reading, computation, problem-solving, and communication skills
are essential for success in life.
All staff members are role models.
All students deserve opportunities to practice self expression and citizenship.