When visiting Marysville you might want to visit one of our historical sights. Marysville has several, but one of the most famous is the Koester House museum.

The Koester house was built in 1876. The house was built in four different sections. To this day the city still owns the entire block. Everything in the house belonged to the Koester’s. At one point the white statues were vandalized, but the house has never been broken into. In 1883, a retaining wall was built around the house to keep water out because when it would run it would all flow downhill to their house. That also explains why there are steps up before you even get to the house. In the music room still sits the two girl’s original music books. The girls collected greeting cards so there are many of those throughout the house. One room in the house is dedicated to Silvia. Some of her dresses are still in it and her original marriage license is in there. Another room is the formal dining room where all of their original furniture is still located. Back then only the rich could afford chocolate, so in this room there is a hot chocolate set. The kitchen has a pass through window where they could bring food in and out of the house without letting the bugs in or let the air out. The formal dining room has original furniture in it, the families never redid it. This room is where the fireplace is and it was kind of unusual to only have one fireplace in the whole house, but they did. In 1878, a newspaper from Kansas City said it was the most beautiful yard. There is a buckeye tree in their backyard that has been there for over a hundred years. It even had a summer kitchen and outhouses. All over the yard there are many different statues.