Marysville, Kansas is the city known for Black Squirrels. The Black Squirrels are the Marysville town mascot and can be found anywhere throughout the town especially in the City Park.

From what we know, the Squirrels came to town in a carnival called McMahon Carnival. It is believed that a child let the cage full of black squirrels out one night and since then, they have been living in Marysville. About 1/5th of Marysville's squirrel population is now black. Residents and passersby seem to love them throughout the town because black squirrels aren't common in most places.

Make sure you are on lookout when driving around town for the black squirrel has the right-of-way on all streets, alleys and railroad crossings because if you harm one of the squirrels there is a $25 fine.