Teachers – Please post these in your classroom.

Detentions: Mrs. Frazee’s Room

Activity Meeting: There will be an FBLA on Friday, 1-31, in the Innovation Center during AEP.


Sophomores - HCC Western Center- Depart - 9:15am.,  JHBB @ Concordia - 4:30pm - Dismiss - 2:30pm - Depart - 2:40pm.,  HS BBB Varsity Tournament @ Nemaha Central - TBA,  HS NCKL Scholar’s Bowl @ Wamego - 4pm. - Dismiss - 2:20pm - Depart - 2:30pm.


HS GBB Varsity Tournament @ Hiawatha - 5pm - Dismiss - 2:20pm - Depart - 2:30pm.  HS Cheer departs for Hiawatha @ 3:15pm - Dismiss - 3:05pm.  HS WR @ Home - 5pm.



Real Men Sing @ Bethany College - Depart @ 6:15pm., HS GBB Varsity Tournament @ Hiawatha - TBA.   HS Cheer departs for Hiawatha- TBA.,  HS WR @ Abilene - 6:30pm. - Dismiss - 2:35pm - Depart - 2:45pm.


HS JV WR @ Manhattan - 4pm - Dismiss - 12:05pm - Depart - 12:15pm.,  HS BBB @ Nemaha Central - 4:30pm. - Dismiss - 3:20pm - Depart - 3:30pm.,  HS Cheer departs for Nemaha Central @ 3:45pm.


HS V WR Tournament @ Baldwin - 9am - Depart - 6pm on the 31st.  HS GBB Varsity Tournament @ Hiawatha - TBA.,  FFA - KSU Speech @ Manhattan - TBA.  Saturday,  Selected 5-8 students - Holton Honor Band Festival. - Depart 6:30am - Concert - 2pm.

@ Holton HS.



Monday, January 27th is NCKL Scholar's Bowl at Wamego.  The bus will leave around 2:30. The whole team is invited to come along, it will be both Varsity and Junior Varsity.


Cheer open gym dates in the announcements: 1/27 & 2/24, 4-6p @the armory.  Sign up in activities office.


Scholarships:  Stop by Ms. Busch's office for more information!  

The Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps Scholarship.  This Scholarship is

offered at over 100 different universities / colleges, including: KU, Mizzou,

University of Notre Dame, University of Nebraska, and more. It covers full

college tuition, fees, books and a monthly stipend which adds up to roughly

$180,000. Basic requirements: attain a 22 ACT, 74 ASVAB, or 1000 SAT score

and must be physically fit.  

FHSU launches enhanced scholarship program

Acacia Fraternity Scholarship

Rudd Scholarship

Kansas Kiwanis

GE Reagan

Masonic Lodge  

2020 Kansas City Direct Marketing Assoc. Educational Foundation Scholarship

*Pony Express Riders Scholarship Essay Contest application available on the school website or in Ms. Busch's office!!

Most local scholarships are due April 1st.  Please, check USD 364 website. Seniors have been given this information, but contact Ms. Busch for more questions.

8-12 will be meeting with Ms. Busch and Mrs. Behrens during AEP to discuss enrollment options for the 2020-2021 school year.

Reality U for 8th and 10th grade will be on Feb. 19th. This will take place in the JH Gym from 8:15a.m.-11:45a.m.

FAFSA should be completed ASAP for students enrolling in post-secondary institutions for 20-21 school year.

Highland Community College Concurrent/Online Dates:

1/30 Last day for 50% refund

1/31 Concurrent Online Enrollment ends

2/10 Last day to sign up for 3 payment plan option

2/13 Last day to drop an Online class with no transcript reporting

2/14 Payment Due for ALL Concurrent classes



In case you weren’t aware, the Wichita Community Foundation has assembled a variety of scholarships that are available to your students! Each scholarship has various criteria, but there’s something there for everyone! Here is the link to access and apply:

  • Note: Some of these apply to community colleges, vocational and tech schools, seminary, etc, not just universities!

Students (Grades 8 - 11) please continue to fill out your course planners in Xello for next years enrollment.  You will need to have these tentatively filled out and printed off by Feb. 10 so that your parents can look over them at parent/teacher conferences.  Then you will have until Feb. 21 to submit your finalized class choices. If you need any help please stop and ask Mrs. Behrens.


Students attending K-State:  Please consider completing the K-state Scholarship network (KSN) application by Feb. 15.  By doing so, you will be considered for academic college, departmental, and University Foundation awards.  Students will be notified following the deadline later in the spring semester if they will be receiving a scholarship from their KSN submission.  The application, instructions and additional resources for completion can be found at



The 2020 KACRAO Scholarship information is now available for applicants at


Four $500 awards are available, which may be used at KACRAO member institutions (one per school type: four-year public, four-year private, community college, and technical college). The awards are not need-based and may be used in conjunction with other awards.


To be eligible for consideration for these scholarships, students must:

•         Be in their senior year at a Kansas high school;

•         Have a cumulative seventh semester GPA of at least 3.25 on a 4.0 scale;

•         Submit an application, which includes uploading a one-page essay, letter of reference, and resume.


The deadline to apply for the scholarship is March 15, 2020. Successful award recipients will be notified in May and posted on the KACRAO website.

Community in Schools:

Students can get their taxes done for FREE through Susie Latta, Extension Office, beginning February 5th.  You can call her office at 785-562-3531 to schedule an appointment.

Menu For This Week:


Hot Dog/Scal. Pot. OR Fish Sand./ Scal. Pot. OR Grilled Chicken Salad Garlic Bread

---------- Baked Beans


Fruit Cup Milk


Nacho Supreme

OR SW Chicken Tornado Tater Tots

OR Chef Salad/Muffin

---------- Black Bean Salsa Spanish Rice    Carrots Pineapple    Fruit Gems Milk


Chili /Corn Chips

OR Pork Tender Sandwich Curly Fries

OR Popcorn Chicken Salad ---------- Broccoli   Strawberries Cinnamon Roll

Apple Slices    Milk


Chicken Nuggets Mash Potatoes/Gravy

OR Turkey Fritter Mash Potatoes/Gravy

OR Taco Salad


Wheat Roll   Corn Tropical Fruit Banana     Milk


Grilled Ham & Cheese French Fries

OR Cheeseburger / FF

OR Chef Salad

Bread Sticks

---------- Peas    Lime Pears Orange slices    Milk

Theme-isms: “Joy is in the preparation.”  --Darol Rodrock