MHS Winter Formal Candidates

Candidates from Left to Right:
Front: Addisyn Schmitz, Martina Ruhkamp, Alicia Housley, Macie Behrens, Kayla Spurgeon
Back: Daniel Ackerman, Trenton Heston, Chris Bartels, Kai Barton, Ryan Stade

Winter Formal was held this past weekend, January 8, for Marysville High School Students. The dance was themed Snowflake Soiree and was held at C'est La Vie. Students spent the week leading up to the celebration participating in dress up days such as Pajama Day and Anything-but-a-Backpack day. 

The following students were named as candidates:  Kayla Spurgeon and Ryan Stade, Alicia Housley and Chris Bartels, Martina Ruhkamp and Trenton Heston, Macie Behrens and Kai Barton, and Addisyn Schmitz and Daniel Ackerman. 

Kai Barton and Kayla Spurgeon were crowned king and queen at the dance Saturday evening.