Spring Play ~ Little Women

Pictured above from left to right: Mikayla Sanchez, Ann Lynch, Ariona Miller, Mandy Foust and Elizabeth Wassenberg

The show “Little Women” had its production March 4th in the MHS Auditorium at 7:30 p.m. The cast and director were excited to finally get to perform the show, as it had to be rescheduled two times due to weather and sickness. “Little Women” is based on the book by Louisa May Alcott. The play takes place in the time frame of 1861-1862 in Cambridge, MA. 

The Cast of the show are:

Jo-Elizabeth Wassenberg, Meg-Mandy Foust, Beth-Mikayla Sanchez, Amy-Annie Lynch, Marmee-Ariona Miller, Mr. March-Zachary Perring, Hannah-Pamela Richardson, Aunt March-Autumn Schramm, Laurie-Ben Frese, Mr.Laurence-Ian Cook, John Brooke-Aubrey Barton, Annie/Kate-LyaLeah Fairchild, Kitty-Sydney Fisher, Grace-Alicia Housely, Ned-Alex Wassenberg and Fred-Alex Grable

Production Staff:

Producer/Director-Carla Wolfe, Light Board Operator-Lacie Seagren, Sound Board Operator-Brad Green, Costume Designer-Carla Wolfe, Stage Manager-Ali Capp and Technical Director-Greg Marples

Special Thanks to...

Greg Marples, Marysville Area Community Theatre, Denise Oldehoft, Audrey Pilsl, Gene Wolfe, USD 364 and Marysville High School and the MJSHS Custodians

Article Written by: Zachary Perring, Webpage Design Class.

Pictured above:  Mr.Laurence-Ian Cook 

Pictured above:  Ned-Alex Wassenberg

Pictured above:  Marmee-Ariona Miller and Mr. March-Zachary Perring