Junior High STEM Class Roller Coasters

Above Ariticle Cover Photo:  Thomas Behrens with his roller coaster.

Mr. Shepherd's Junior High STEM class is working to construct roller coasters. 

Above: Tremont Hornbeak and Deavon Tommer

In this project, students are challenged to use engineering design to construct a cost-effective roller coaster. While trying to spend as little “money” as possible, they have to build a Paper Roller Coaster using the supplies. The roller coaster should be exciting, reliable, and take a long time for the marble to travel from the start to the finish.

Above: Elijah Griffee and Drew Padgett 

The students are using card stock, templates from the paper roller coaster website, and  researched design ideas. They also made a scale drawing of their roller coaster. Students have the freedom to be creative and make the project their own.

Mr. Shepherd has done this challenge for two years now.  Requirements for the students roller coasters are as follows:

  1. Height has to be between 30 cm and 150 cm.
  2. The track length must be at least 100 cm.
  3. Must have at least one loop and at least six turns.
  4. There must be a bucket at the end to catch the marbles. 

Above: Jack Lauer and Tyree Watson 

Article By: MaKenna Scheele and Kayla Ingalls, MHS Web Design Class.