MHS Ag Day

On March 22nd, the Agriculture Department at MHS held their annual Ag education day for the grade school students in grades K-6.  Ag day is where the agriculture department invites all of the local grade schools to bring their students to the Ag department to learn about different aspects of agriculture. This is an opportunity to showcase their skills and program through teaching younger students about different parts of agriculture that they might not be able to see every day. This was organized by ag teachers Mr. Wyatt Mauer and Miss Chelsey Figge, the FFA Officers, and the Advanced Agriscience class.  All of the Ag classes played a role in it.

The horticulture students ran a station where they planted flower seeds. The Animal Science students ran a petting zoo. The Ag Mechanics students taught tractor safety.  The Agriscience class taught about different products that come from livestock. Advanced Agriscience ran both the careers presentation and talked about the dairy industry.  Afterwards they made ice cream. 

We asked Miss Figge “Where do they get the animals?” for this day?   Members bring in all of the animals.  They had 2 heifers, chicks, a guinea pig, a puppy, baby sheep, baby goats and a mama goat.  This event lasted form 9a.m. through 3p.m. 

Connor Halbert teaching how to plant seeds.

Bryar O' Neil Teaching how to make Ice Cream.

Article By:  MaKenna Scheele and Zachary Perring, MHS Webpage Design Class